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Silk&Cashmere CashmereVerse

30 Years of Silk&Cashmere is now on Metaverse with CashmereVerse!

Silk&Cashmere brand, which originated in Turkey and became world famous with its passion for Cashmere and Silk, wanted to celebrate its 30th anniversary in a different way. We carried the 30th anniversary of the Silk&Cashmere brand to Metaverse (in with a story that started in Inner Mongolia and spread all over the world. In CashmereVerse, where users can create their own avatars and experience; there are stories about the brand's 30-year past, present and future.

While the introduction of CashmereVerse took place on October 10, 2022 at the 30th anniversary party in Zülfaris Karaköy attended by many famous names, the guests had the opportunity to discover the timeline of the brand through the time tunnel in Metaverse.

CashmereVerse can be experienced on mobile and desktop or with virtual reality glasses.

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